Coronation Street spoilers: Daisy spirals into paranoia over Nicky's move

DAISY Midgeley feels intimidated by Nicky Wheatley's presence around her boyfriend Daniel Osbourne.

As she spirals into paranoia next week in Coronation Street, the Rovers barmaid comes up with a shocking plan.

Drama is picking up a pace for Daisy (portrayed by Charlotte Jordan) as she takes drastic action again to make sure Nicky (Kimberly Hart-Simpson) doesn't get too close to Daniel (Rob Mallard).

The barmaid is fed up to see the pair spend so much time together as they work on the Edinburgh trip.

Daisy decides to show up at Weatherfield High with a packed lunch for them both in a bid to reassure herself but nothing goes as planned.

Headteacher Orla Crawshaw (Carla Mendonça) tells her to knock before she goes in and then seems surprised when Daniel introduces her as his girlfriend.

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This leads to Daisy's paranoia reaching new heights.

Thankfully for her, she has yet another trick up her sleeve as she tells Jenny she's going to take Nicky off the market by finding her a man.

However, this could make things worse.

When Daisy suggests to Daniel they should all meet up after work for a drink, Nicky arrives at the Rovers unaware that Daisy is trying to set her up with one of her exes – footballer Ashley.

Nicky is clearly embarrassed when he recognises her due to her previous profession.

The cat is soon out of the bag and, despite Nicky's excuses, Daisy finds out she used to be a sex worker.

Daniel preferred to not say anything to Daisy but the secrecy could cost him his relationship.

It's no secret to Corrie fans that Nicky's return to the cobbles has triggered all of Daisy's insecurities as teased by the actress who plays her, Charlotte Jordan.

In recent weeks, Daisy has tried to sabotage all of Nicky's efforts to put her life back on track – and almost got Max Turner involved, aware of his ongoing feud with Daniel.

But could finding out Nicky's past in sex work make everything worse for Daisy and Daniel?

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Can Daisy ever get over her insecurity?

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