Coronation Street spoilers: Nina Lucas distraught as she finally remembers the night of Seb Franklin's murder

NINA Lucas is left distraught as she finally remembers the night of Seb Franklin’s murder next week in Coronation Street. 

The teenager experienced memory loss in the wake of the brutal assault on her and Seb. 

Corey Brent and Kelly Neelan have both been charged over the attack, but both teenagers have given conflicting accounts. 

Next week, with the case’s trial looming, Nina is unnerved when a piece of music transports her back to the last day of Seb’s life. 

After Roy tells Abi that the fragments of Nina’s memory are resurfacing, she brings a bag of items found on Seb’s body to the cafe. 

Nina is struck by the sight of a plastic heart ring and remembers Seb giving it to her.

Nina decides to retrace her and Seb’s steps at the wasteland where they encountered Corey and Kelly.

As Nina’s memory returns and she suffers a harrowing flashback, viewers will finally learn what happened on the night of her attack.

Viewers will then see Nina signing her new statement at the police station.

But as Imran and Kelly prepare to go into battle against Corey and Sabeen, will justice be brought for Seb?

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As the trial kicks off, Corey's defence lawyer Sabeen is shocked to hear about the new statement.

She’s right to be worried as Nina tells the court how she remembers seeing Corey kicking Seb repeatedly and Kelly begging him to stop.

However, when Sabeen cross examines her, will Nina crumble?

It's looking promising as Asha enters the witness box and reveals Corey bullied her and forced her to lie to the police.

However, when Sabeen asks if Asha is still in love with Nina, she starts to falter.

Sabeen then takes a low blow by suggesting Corey was targeting love rival Nina as Asha was in love with her and not him – and that Seb just got in the way.

Will Corey escape justice?

Speaking about how Nina remembers the night of the attack, actor Max Evans – who plays Corey – told “It’s very interesting – with Covid we had to change the way we work on set, the two metre rule is very vital. Harry and Mollie were so convincing in their scenes without anyone there to do the beating.

"But we will see the full extent of the attack, just to see the full reality of the situation.”

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