Coronation Street spoilers: Ronnie Bailey's wife Kat returns and drops bombshell on his family and Jenny Connor

RONNIE Bailey’s estranged wife Kat returns and drops a huge bombshell on his family and Jenny Connor next week in Coronation Street. 

Kat appeared on the cobbles back in March but Ronnie – who is played by Vinta Morgan in the ITV soap – introduced her as his business partner. 

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Since then, Ronnie has had his sights set on a new love interest – Jenny.

Next week, Ed returns from Birmingham and is distressed when he discovers his campervan has vanished. 

He’s fuming when he discovers what his brother has done to it. 

What’s going on? 

Ronnie, who’s been staying at the Rovers Return, suggests to Jenny that she could accompany him to pick up Ed’s camper van and Daisy quickly cottons onto their blossoming romance. 

Jenny is unsettled when Johnny calls her and quizzes her about the new B&B guest. 

Jenny thanks Ronnie for the ride in the camper van and viewers will see sparks fly, but will they act on them?

Jenny tries to get Ed and Ronnie to make peace with each other over a drink in the Rovers but, just as they’re starting to bond, they’re interrupted by the arrival of Kat.

Ed and Jenny are shocked when Kat drops the bombshell that she’s not Ronnie’s business partner after all – and that she’s his wife.

Later, a flustered Jenny makes it clear that Ronnie needs to move out and Daisy later finds her drowning her sorrows in the bistro.

Meanwhile, Ronnie packs his bags and informs Ed that he’s leaving.

Ronnie begs Jenny to give him one more chance, but they’re interrupted when Johnny returns with a bunch of flowers.

How will he react to Ronnie?

Viewers know that Ronnie ruffled everyone’s feathers when he revealed he’d had a fling with Aggie years ago – and that he could be Michael’s father. 

Ed was devastated when Michael decided to get a DNA test to uncover the truth. 

Michael then discovered that Ed was his biological father after all, but in Ed’s eyes the damage had already been done and he’s struggled to forgive his brother.

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