Coronation Street stars convinced set is ‘haunted’ after ‘terrifying’ experiences

Coronation Street stars are convinced that the ITV set is haunted, after a number of cast members have witnessed some “terrifying” supernatural events.

This isn’t the first time that it’s been claimed; over the years there have been many suggestions that the old ITV set – which is located on Quay Street – is haunted.

From sightings of ghostly figures to seeing dead cast members walking around the cobbles, there have been plenty of supernatural sightings.

Rumours around the haunted set have meant that a number of people have refused to set foot there, including the crew of BBC Two’s Inside Number 9 and a band that was hired as part of a Coronation Street cast party.

At the Mummy’s Star Ball, Corrie actors Elle Mulvaney, Rob Mallard, and Kel Allen have spoken to the Daily Star about their own supernatural experiences.

Kel Allen, who played Laura Neeland, says that she believes the reason the ITV set is so haunted is because of all the “absolute legends” who worked on the show.

She revealed: “We get told this all the time on set that Corrie is haunted, especially in the Rovers area near the dressing room, especially in the old Quay Street people used to say that was really scary of an evening.

“If you walked into a studio on your own at night you’d hear a sound or noise of footsteps and then there was no one there and you’re like, ‘Was that someone walking past?’ You’ve got no idea how scary it was.

“But maybe it’s all the absolute legends that are still around that you’re seeing, that’s I like to think anyway.”

Kel wasn’t the only one who found the set to be creepy, with Elle Mulvaney, who has played Amy Barlow since 2010, sharing some insight on her scary childhood experiences.

She said: “The old set was super [haunted]. The corridors were pretty creepy because the tutoring room used to be on the third floor. And I remember when all the lights went off and you had to go upstairs that the lights hadn’t turned on yet because they were censored ones.

“But I was terrified when I was little, honestly I’ve heard so many things.”

While Rob Mallard had joined the show a year after ITV moved the filming location to Media City, he also confirmed that there were plenty of creepy rumours about the old set.

He said: “I wasn’t in the old studio. I’d never worked there unfortunately, I think it had been in media city for a year before I joined the show, but yeah, I have heard that the old set was haunted.

“The dressing rooms were scary and there’s one corridor that people would avoid, I believe. Quite a few spooky things went down there.

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