Coronation Street’s Alya Nazir confirms future with Ryan Connor

Coronation Street: Daisy and Ryan have heart-to-heart in hospital

Coronation Street resident Ryan Connor (played by Ryan Prescott) and Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) have a romantic history which seemed to have been reignited as she continues to look after him in hospital. However when Ryan admitted he was still in love with Alya on Monday night, he left her stunned and she was unable to return the sentiment.

On Monday night, Justin’s court hearing, he pleaded not guilty for the attack on Ryan and Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan), leaving everyone devastated.

After Daisy left the hospital to see how he was doing after the news, Ryan admitted: “I really feel for Daisy. She has been amazing in all of this, so strong, still can’t believe that piece of scum is pulling the strings.

“It’s taken over her whole life and now this, making her go through a trial. Think about what that will do to her to stand up in court and relive the whole nightmare all over again.”

Trying to get Ryan not to think about it, Alya interrupted: “You know what never mind her. You need to focus on yourself. I am sorry, you are being so brave, staying strong for Daisy’s sake.

“But when you are with me you don’t have to pretend. You can’t keep everything bottled up inside, it’s not good for you.”

Ryan finally admitted: “I am bricking it. Facing everyone in court, all eyes on me, all eyes on… just talking about the attack, I don’t know how I am going to hold it all together.”

Alya reminded Ryan he wasn’t alone in going through the trial and she would always be there for him.

Emotional, Ryan revealed: “Stop it, I am welling up here. I honestly don’t know what I would do without you, Alya… I love you.”

Taken back by his revelation, she let him down gently: “Obviously I care for you Ryan, but you have been through something so traumatic it’s no wonder you are confused.

“Of course, I love you, as a friend. I thought you knew that, maybe I have been spending too much time around you. I have given you the wrong idea.”

Ryan tried to downplay his feelings, but Alya could see how visibly upset he was and trying to make excuses for himself.

Ryan snapped: “Don’t. I am so tired, I reckon I just need a bit of shut-eye. Carla is coming by so don’t feel like you have to…”

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Despite Alya insisting to Ryan she has moved on, actress Sair has confirmed it’s possible for the pair to reunite in the future.

Touching on if it was the end of their relationship, Sair expressed: “For now, it is the end for Ryan and Alya because as soon as Ryan tells Alya that he loves her, Alya has to put up a boundary to protect herself from getting hurt again and from hurting him by giving him mixed signals.

“She feels she has to protect any thread of friendship that they could possibly have by taking a step back from his healing and letting other people take the lead on it.

“This is hard and heartbreaking for Alya to come to terms with because she just wants to be there for him and she doesn’t know what Ryan’s response to her taking a step back is going to be.

“Alya also needs to do a lot of healing herself; she has pretended that she is completely fine after her attack but she is playing a good game and just pretending that she is okay.

“When Alya sees Ryan so vulnerable, it is quite triggering for her so she feels like she needs to create a bit of a distance between them out of love.”

Ryan added: “I know that Ryan hopes that it isn’t and it would be lovely to see something pop up in the future.

“Ryan, being such a hopeful character anyway, has got such a massive spirit and he will keep a little bit of secret hope in his heart but regardless of any idea he holds close, I think he has got a clear answer from Alya so he is not going to try again anytime soon.”

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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