Corrie actor says co-star was the 'nastiest celeb he has ever met'

Fans of much loved Coronation Street star Charlie Condou have been left wondering who the nastiest celebrity is in the Coronation Street cast after he inferred that an actor he worked closely with ‘for a long time’ was the most unpleasant he had had to meet.

Charlie, known for playing Marcus Dent in the show, took to Twitter after being inspired by David Bridgman, and shared two celebrities, one who was the nicest he had ever met, and the other the complete opposite.

Charlie chose Lord of the Rings star Viggo Mortensen as the nicest person he had ever met, but chose to keep quiet about the nastiest.

Charlie wrote: ‘Taking my cue from @BridgLondon, who’s the nicest celeb you’ve met? And who’s the nastiest?

Nicest – Viggo Mortensen was the absolute best when I worked with him.

Nastiest – someone I had to work closely with for a long time…’

The post began a thread of replies of people trying to guess who Charlie was referring to, as well as people sharing stories of their own.

Ex Corrie star Vicky Entwistle, who played Janice Battersby on the soap, replied and said ‘I know!!!! X’.

Charlie’s character Marcus was in a relationship with Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) and Todd Grimshaw (now played by Gareth Pierce) during his time in Weatherfield, but left in 2014 to start a new life in London.

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