Corrie's Jack P Shepherd confirms Julia Goulding's exit storyline as Shona

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Coronation Street’s Julia Goulding, who plays Shona Platt, has recently given birth to her second baby, Emmeline Beanie Silver. She shared the happy news on Instagram recently, with her Corrie co-stars being quick to add their congratulations. ‘The most amazing news,’ Paddy Bever, who plays her on-screen stepson Max Turner, commented.

Julia’s maternity leave obviously meant the Coronation Street writers had to find a way to explain Shona’s absence.

We’d even started to wonder whether the popular character could end up being the next victim of evil Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce), as Shona had occasionally shown that she didn’t exactly buy into Stephen’s nice-guy persona. Shona is a person who is never afraid to say what she thinks – a trait which can sometimes land her in trouble.

As well as the peril of Stephen, the Platt family are also currently grappling with the problem of Max, who is increasingly coming under the influence of Griff (Michael Condron) and his right-wing gang. Could Shona face some kind of danger from that angle?

Well luckily, no. We can reveal that even though David is going to have his hands full trying to steer Max to a more sound moral path, Shona will be safely well away from Weatherfield.

We caught up with Jack at a press event for the launch of Corrie’s exciting new precinct set. He was admiring the new set, which features a playground, shops and flats. ‘I like it,’ he commented. ‘I think it’s very true to life, it’s very Salford, it’s got those sort of elements. I love the park – a bit grubby, that’s what we want. A few flats I’ve noticed above, so potential new characters, or existing characters can move into there. I like it a lot.’

He also revealed what’s happening to Shona for the six weeks of Julia’s maternity leave. ‘David’s going to be on his own in the house to sort of pick up the pieces and try and sort Max out himself out if he can,’ he told us.

‘Shona’s gone to look after Lily in London. She’s on some footballing course that James Bailey’s organised. He’s teaching her football and Shona’s looking after her down there, like a chaperone for six week’s while Julia’s on maternity leave. So David’s the only one to try and sort Max out and hopefully stop him before it goes too far with all the right wing stuff. It won’t be easy because the more he says “don’t do that”, the further away he goes.’

With all of that going on, David will be massively relieved when Shona gets back – and we’re massively relieved that her exit is only going to be temporary.

Glancing over to the precinct set, Jack wondered what shop would attract David the most:

‘Bakery’, he laughed.

‘There’s a takeaway that’s also selling odds and sods like brooms and things like that.’

‘Apparently I haven’t got any scenes here!’, he said.

‘But I had the first scenes in the park on the Street [Victoria Gardens]. This will be like the new Maxine bench. Someone will be sat on the swings crying. Grief swings, definitely.’

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