Countryfile's Helen Skelton forced to abandon segment after being blasted by snow on 'very challenging' location

COUNTRYFILE'S Helen Skelton was forced to abandon a segment after being blasted by snow on a 'very challenging' location.

Sunday's episode of the BBC One show saw Helen, 37, travel to Crompton Moor in the South Pennines.

Helen spoke to Trish Justin about the history of the Moor and how it had survived despite being covered in peatland.

While the ecosystem had been decimated by the local cotton industry in the past, it was now making a comeback in 2021.

However, the extremely snowy weather conditions made it difficult for Trish to show Helen the moss which had been replanted.

Despite both being wrapped up in thermal coats, boots and woolly hats and scarves, the weather was not on their side as they continued to be hammered by snow and icy winds.

Helen asked Trish if the moss could survive such cold conditions, and thankfully the guest said it could.

Helen joked: "It's a good job!"

Trish did her best to explain the further benefits of the different groups of sphagnum moss species in different areas before Helen said: "Isn’t it ironic that we’re talking about the potential benefits of sphagnum moss against adverse weather conditions, and we’re up here in these very challenging conditions?”

The snowy weather remained relentless, and it got to the point where Helen told Trish: "You are turning into a snow woman in front of my eyes."

She then cut the location shoot short and said: "Shall we leave before we get snowed up here?

“Lovely as it is, I don’t wanna spend the night."

The women were then able to continue the conversation in a drier, less intense spot.

Countryfile continues on Sunday, February 14 at 7pm on BBC One.

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