‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Boss on Rebecca’s Lessons: ‘She Has A Long Way to Go’

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not yet watched “I Want to be Here,” the fourth season premiere of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.”

The final season of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” started with Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) in prison after shoving her stalker ex Trent (Paul Welsh) off of a rooftop. She went into prison willingly, as an attempt to finally own up to her actions, but the experience was not at all what she expected.

“The key thing that we discussed was that in Rebecca Bunch fashion, the thing she does at the end of the third season is well-intentioned but totally wrong. She wants to take responsibility, which is great and to be applauded, but pleading guilty to something you’re not legally liable for and volunteering to go to prison is not very bright,” showrunner Alish Brosh McKenna tells Variety. “She has a flair for the dramatic, so she had a romantic idea of what she was doing, but once she gets in there, she realizes there’s nothing glamorous about it.”

Rebecca’s time in prison proved to be short-lived, because Trent admitted to stalking Rebecca and trying to kill Nathaniel (Scott Michael Foster), proving she was only acting in defense of Nathaniel. But being in prison opened her eyes to her privileged worldview, so the rest of the series will focus on her finding truer ways to be a better person and atone.


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