Daisy crushed with guilt in Corrie as distraught Ryan can't leave his home

Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) has been holding onto his relationship with Crystal for dear life, using it as a way to escape his reality after Justin Rutherford (Andrew Still) attacked him with acid in Coronation Street.

We know that sadly, Ryan hasn’t been messaging Crystal – he’s been talking to Daisy (Charlotte Jordan), who developed this idea out of guilt as she’s aware that Justin planned to attack her with the liquid, not Ryan.

As a result, the characters have started developing feelings for each other again but right now, Ryan still remains unaware that Daisy has been behind the entire thing.

In upcoming episodes, however, it appears Ryan has worked out that he was being catfished, as Carla (Alison King) tells Daniel (Rob Mallard) that Ryan hasn’t left the flat for weeks as he’s been so upset over the ordeal.

Back in the pub, Daniel urges Daisy to pay Ryan a visit to cheer him up, but all that does is increase the guilt she’s been feeling for so long.

With Daisy unable to tell Ryan the truth, is he going to find out a different way?

And if so, what will that do to him?

‘He would feel an explosion of contempt for Daisy because he feels like he has lost Crystal and Daisy in one fell swoop’, Ryan Prescott told us recently, discussing how his character would feel after the truth is finally exposed.

‘The thing is, Ryan has had such an intimate back and forth over the past month or so with ‘Crystal’ that he is genuinely starting to believe that in a different world, in a different time or somewhere down the line that there might be something there with her because they have developed an actual relationship.

‘There has been a lot of natural chemistry between them, and Ryan is finding joy in investing in their relationship. So, to find out that it’s been Daisy the whole time would make him feel humiliated because he has been very raw and ‘himself’ with this person.

‘He would feel so deceived because it’s such a huge lie to play for such a long time so he would feel like he was a toy and that he’s a game to Daisy.’

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