Danny Dyer says daughter Dani got pregnant after Valentine's sex session – leaving her mortified

DANI Dyer had to silence her dad Danny after the EastEnders star suggested she got pregnant after a Valentine's Day "roll about".

The actor, 43, calculated that the night she went to a special performance of Pretty Woman was when she was "impregnated".

Dani gave birth to her first child, a baby boy called Santiago, with boyfriend Sammy Kimmence in January.

Love Island champ Dani, who said she was "a bit p***ed" at Pretty Woman, said: "It was beautiful – it was the best show I've ever watched."

Speaking on their Sorted podcast, Danny said: "After that Valentine's night out, was that when you had the roll around to impregnate you?"

Sounding embarassed, she replied: "I don't really want to tell you the roll around. It's a little bit… it weren't Feb."

Undeterred, Danny replied: "It was Valentine's Day and you're forced to… well you are aren't you?

"You gotta get intimate at some point and you think oh, f***ing hell I can't be bothered."

Dani, 24, who insisted she was one of life's romantics, replied: "I'm sure you want it on Valentine's Day."

The actor hit back: "Wait till you get to my age, that will be sapped from your f***ing body."

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