David Tennant shares nerves over working with son Ty on new BBC series ‘Make sure he’s OK’

David Tennant reveals what it's like working with his son Ty

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The former Doctor Who star is set to take on the role of Phileas Fogg for the upcoming BBC adaptation of Around The World in 80 Days. His young son joined him on the BBC show. Speaking to Zoe Ball on BBC Radio 2 recently, the actor explained how nervous he had been for Ty to join him.

“It’s kind of brilliant and it’s a bit of an out-of-body experience,” the 50-year-old explained.

“That suddenly this relationship that you’ve got very used to over many years is in a completely different arena suddenly.

“And you’re operating as professional equals, and you’re sort of nervous for him and very proud of him and try to be cool and trying to make sure he’s okay.

“And then eventually, just sort of standing back and kind of admiring how good he is, actually – he’s really good.”

The series will be made up of eight episodes, each around 50 minutes long.

Speaking to BT.com about his latest role, Tennant said: “This is a timeless story and one of those tales that everyone feels they have a handle on.

“It’s a story that has lived down the generations and hopefully what people will experience with this version is that sense of journey and adventure and the unknown.

“There’s lots of exciting action and adventure to keep you hooked that brings you back each week, but it is really those personal character stories that unfold that these scripts capture.”

The drama is set to air on Boxing Day, and the adaptation of the classic novel by Jules Verne is set to be the channel’s biggest festive show.

The story follows three characters as they test themselves and the feats of technological progress to travel the globe in record time.

The official synopsis reads: “Wealthy Victorian eccentric Phileas Fogg wagers he can circumnavigate the world in 80 days.

“Fogg is accompanied on the daunting journey by his quick-thinking valet, Passepartout.

“Along the way, the two are thwarted by a Scotland Yard detective named Fix, who believes Fogg has robbed the Bank of England.”

The drama has been in development since September 2020, and filming wrapped exactly one year later following several delays in shooting.

The BBC have now confirmed a Boxing Day release for the series though.

An official trailer reveals the grand-scale adventure the characters will be embarking on, with Phileas, saying: “I’m going to circumnavigate the globe in 80 days.”


Later, viewers can see how the ambitious character plans to fulfil this, by travelling by boat, rail, and of course, the hot air balloon the story has become famous for.

There will be plenty of humour along the way, with various characters teaming up.

Around The World In 80 Days will premier on Sunday at 5.50pm on BBC One.

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