Dec Donnelly shares sweet moment with daughter Isla

Dec Donnelly gives rare family insight

Following another excellent series of Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, the Geordie duo decided to give ITV viewers an insight into how it was made. During rehearsals for one show, Dec Donnelly opened up about family life as he shared a sweet moment with his daughter Isla.

Narrator Sara Cox explained: “Frozen is coming to North West London in one of Takeaway’s most spectacular End of the Show Show ever.”

Dressed in a sparkly blue costume, Dec told viewers: “This is how I came to work. I’m a big fan of Frozen so this is my own outfit. I don’t know what they’ve got for me in costume.”

Sara continued: “They’ll be performing the iconic song Let It Go from the hit musical.”

Dec continued: “I know the movie quite well. My daughter is four year’s old now so she is right in prime Elsa territory.

“When I told her this morning I was going to work to see Elsa, it kind of blew her tiny mind.”

Dec is also father to son Jack with his wife Ali Astall, who he married in 2015.

Elsewhere in the documentary, Ant McPartlin confessed he almost “didn’t show up” to rehearsals as he was “too tired”.

The pair were rehearsing for an Ant versus Dec segment, which would see them take on a fresh challenge.

Ant McPartlin exposes wardrobe malfunction

However, Ant was so exhausted he almost called in to say he didn’t have the energy and almost give up on the show.

He told viewers: “I wasn’t sure if I was going to have the energy for today. But then you seen the cameras and you’re like, ‘Yeah let’s do this!”

Meanwhile, another moment from the Frozen rehearsals saw Ant suffer a wardrobe malfunction with his costume.

Showing off his costume, he explained he would change clothes to reveal a sparkling blue outfit underneath his Sven-inspired look.

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However he confessed: “I’ve had a lot of popping out problems today.”

Ant then lifted up his coat to show the costume underneath revealing itself.

Viewers were then shown a moment from rehearsals where Dec’s costume change went smoothly but Ant suffered a mishap.

His thick coat didn’t come off as planned and instead remained stuck while his silky blue trousers were unveiled.

Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway: Behind the Scenes is available to catch up on ITVX now.

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