Derek Luke's home gets invaded in clip from The Purge season 2

The small-screen version of The Purge held its panel at New York Comic Con on Thursday afternoon, and attendees got to see a scene from the premiere of season 2 in which the quiet night of characters played by Derek Luke and Rochelle Aytes is dramatically disturbed. On the show, Luke and Aytes play Marcus and Michelle Moore, a married couple whose seemingly perfect life is shattered when an assassin breaks into their house on Purge night.

Based on the film franchise of the same name, The Purge revolves around a 12-hour period when almost all crime, including murder, is legal. From Blumhouse Television and UCP, the second season of the anthology series opens on Purge night but dives deeper in to what the world looks like the other 364 days of the year, exploring how a single Purge night affects the lives of four interconnected characters over the course of the ensuing year, all inevitably leading up to the next Purge. The season’s cast also includes Max Martini, Paola Nuñez, and Joel Allen.

The Purge season 2 premieres Oct. 15 on USA Network. Watch that clip from the premiere exclusively above.

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