Did Kristen Welker use a surrogate?

NBC’s Kristen Welker announced on April 23 on the Today show that she was expecting her first child with husband John Hughes.

The journalist had been anxiously waiting to become a mother, saying she was “trying for years and years.”

Did Kristen Welker use a surrogate?

Kristen Welker, 44, announced that she was becoming a mother with the help of a surrogate.

In her announcement, she said: “After years and years of trying, I’m having a baby girl with John and we are so excited.

Adding: "It's with the help of a surrogate."

Welker admitted to visiting an In vitro fertilization specialist (IVF) but was still experiencing trouble getting pregnant.

The journalist said: "First round of IVF, it went really well and I thought, ‘I’m going to be pregnant within the next few months, no problem,"

But then, the doctors informed her that the lining of her uterus was too thin to carry a child.

She added: “And I thought, ‘OK, well, let’s fix it. There has to be something that we can do to fix this,’”

Welker re-routed her plans and sought the help of a surrogate, she recounted the experience, saying: "Being matched with a surrogate is one of the most extraordinary experiences I have ever had."

Hughes said he feels the same way, adding: "Our surrogate has been amazing. I can’t explain just how wonderful she’s been.

“For her this was about giving something to us that she felt a deep connection to.”

When did Kristen Welker marry John Hughes?

Welker married Hughes in 2017 at the Bellevue Hotel in Philadelphia, just a block from where they had their first date. 

He proposed to her during the 2016 campaign trail since she was working to cover it for the network. 

Welker told Hughes that she would be in Washington D.C. for only 24 hours and he met her there, took her to the steps of Lincoln Memorial and popped the question. 

“I wanted to ask her outside in a place you could walk by years later and tell your kids that this was the spot we got engaged,” he told the New York Times.

When is Kristen Welker’s baby due?

Welker announced her maternity leave had begun on May 27, 2021 as her baby is due the following week.

She received well-wishes from her colleagues on the Today show as she was discussing her temporary leave.

Welker said: “Thank you so much, I’m feeling so excited.

“I’m feeling just filled with so much gratitude. I think I’m ready, Savannah, but they say you can never be totally prepared.

“I’ve read the books, I’ve taken the classes, the nursery is set up and I just cannot wait to meet our little girl,” she continued.

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