‘Disgusting!’ BBC’s Sophie Raworth blasted for Rachel Reeves ‘hatchet job!’

BBC make HUGE blunder as Sophie Raworth reads the headlines

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Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves joined Sophie Raworth on the new show Sunday Morning which airs after BBC Breakfast and has taken over from the former slot, The Andrew Marr Show. Reeves joined Raworth to speak about the current rise in the cost of living. However, the newly-seated Raworth continuously interrupted Reeves’ points which left viewers feeling annoyed and switching off from the show.

After introducing the Labour MP to the show, the BBC presenter asked her thoughts on latest IFS (Institute Fiscal Studies) findings on the global spike in prices and if it could be worse than the current financial crisis.

The shadow chancellor explained: “Well, the institute for fiscal studies and the resolution foundation are putting some pretty staggering numbers for the hit on working people.

“The problem is so much of this has been caused by more than a decade now of dither and delay on energy policy by the government.

“Of course, there is a global spike in prices, but the UK are uniquely exposed because of the failure to properly insulate our homes.

“A failure to get on with the investment in nuclear hydrogen and renewables, a decision to get rid of our gas storage facilities and a failure to regulate the market properly.

“That’s why Labour are setting out a packet of measures today to help people with their bills now but also to properly reform this market, so never again are we in his position.”

Raworth asked: “One of those measures is, as you have already spoken of, dropping the five per cent VAT on fuel bills, a blunt tool as the Prime Minister says.”

Ms Reeves began to explain: “Well, the Prime Minister, of course, was the biggest advocate of cutting VAT on gas and electricity bills when he was campaigning…”

However, before she could continue, the BBC journalist interrupted and bluntly asked: “But why do you want to do it?”

Ms Reeves explained: “I want to cut that VAT on gas and electricity bills because it will save people £100 a year on their bills.”

Raworth once again interrupted and said: “But it will help a lot of people, it won’t just help the people who need it, so why make it broad-brush.

“Why drop it for everybody when actually the people who have the biggest houses and biggest energy bills are going to get more money back?”


As the Labour MP tried again and began to say: “Well, let me tell you about…” Raworth pushed her way into the conversation once more and asked: “Well no where specifically?

“Because that is the point, isn’t it, it is a blunt tool why drop it for everybody?”

Ms Reeves explained: “Everybody is experiencing a rise in their gas and electricity bills now, and this is something practical the government could do, and it would be felt immediately.”

Viewers took to Twitter to express their annoyance at the BBC and were in shock at her badgering.

@johnandi commented: “Sophie Rayworth trying to do a hatchet job on Rachel Reeves this morning, Reeves sticking to her guns, disgraceful from Rayworth!”

@fud4thort added: “I had to turn it off, couldn’t do with the constant interrupting – very annoying not being able to listen to the response, is Sophie trying out for the job full-time?”

@Sandpiper35 said: “Found her belligerence to be totally unnecessary in the interview with Rachel Reeves.”

@dirk7890 fumed: “Sophie Rayworth just the same as Marr, just wearing a skirt! #Marr #SundayMorning.”

Sunday Morning airs Sundays after BBC Breakfast at 9am on BBC One. 

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