Does Whitney go to prison in Eastenders?

WHITNEY Dean’s fate remained uncertain as Tuesday night’s cliffhanger (October 13) saw the jury about to deliver the verdict over whether she is guilty or not guilty for the murder of Leo King.

But will Whitney be handed a hefty prison sentence for the murder of her abuser she killed in self-defence – or will she walk free? Here’s the lowdown…

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Does Whitney go to prison in EastEnders?

It wasn't looking so great for Whitney as her murder trial thundered on, with the prosecution’s closing speech painting her as a remorseless killer.

But it’s possible Whitney was saved by her barrister Gray Atkins after he arrived just in time and delivered a speech about the statistics of women killed by abusive men, adding that the person on trial should be Leo and not Whitney.

Viewers knew that Gray was coming from a place of truth after murdering his poor wife Chantelle.

But will Gray's words be enough?

Or could Whitney be looking at a hefty prison sentence?

EastEnders fans are hoping there'll finally be light at the end of the tunnel for the character.

One fan tweeted: "#EastEnders plz not guilty. Just for this sl to be over and whitney to finally get a break."

Another added: "Really hope the jury find Whitney not guilty."

A third convinced fan said: "Whitney will be found not guilty!"

With EastEnders keeping shtum about the verdict, viewers will have to tune in to find out.

Why did Whitney decide to plead not guilty last minute?

EastEnders fans know that Whitney vowed to plead guilty to murdering Leo after Gray painted her as a killer and Mick collapsed in court last week. 

Convinced she’d get sent down, Whitney told Sonia she was planning to plead guilty. 

But after hearing what Whitney was planning to do from Sonia, Gray encouraged Whitney to tell the truth in her final statements and stay positive. 

Whitney took Gray’s advice and pleaded not guilty to the murder. 

But will her honesty pay off?

What has Shona McGarty said about Whitney going to prison?

Speaking about how her character will cope if she’s found guilty, Shona McGarty – who plays Whitney – told Digital Spy: "Whitney got hit by a bus and then had it dropped on top of her and survived.

"I think she'd be alright with a few scratches in prison.

"I think Whitney would try to make the best out of an awful situation and try to use her time to help people.”

Talking about whether Whitney deserves prison time, Shona added: "I think that Whitney knows that she did it out of self-defence, but all she can think is, I killed a man.

"Whitney's got a tendency to think she's done something wrong even if she hasn't because that's what people have told her all her life.

"So she just accepts that she's going to be punished."

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