Dog sends ITV viewers into frenzy as it opens door without help

Holly and Phil use Lorraine handover to show dog video

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Lorraine dedicated some coverage to a recent ITV competition winner, and as she was being interviewed in her home, her husky stole the show. At first, the dog was being vocal while its owner discussed winning the competition, and later eagle-eyed viewers rushed to social media when the pooch subtly opened the door to the garden to let itself outside as nobody batted an eyelid. Later, This Morning presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield pointed out the hilarious moment and left Lorraine Kelly astonished.

As Lorraine cut to a recent competition winner, viewers were distracted by the clever dog.

For a moment the dog stood by the backdoor, seemingly waiting to be allowed outside while its owner chatted to ITV.

After a few seconds though, the brainy husky jumped up to turn the door handle and casually strolled through into the garden.

While the presenter didn’t seem to notice, Holly and Phil used their entire preview clip to replay the moment.

“Holly and Phil are here very shortly, morning!” Lorraine stated before the presenting duo came into view from their studio.

“We’re going to use up all our time, Lorraine, by showing you something that’s just happened in your own show – watch this dog, it lets itself out!” Phil explained.

“No way!” Lorraine responded as Phil continued: “The dog in your competition – it lets itself out the door!”

“It blew my mind!” Holly exclaimed as the clip showed the dog’s impressive trick.

“That’s amazing, how did I miss that?” Lorraine responded, to which Holly answered: “I don’t know, it was absolutely genius.”

“That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen!” Lorraine commented, smiling at the video.

“There you go, we’ve just used up all our time to show you your own dog leaving the show!” Phil added.

Fans tuned into the show also spotted the cute moment, and some took to social media to comment on it.

Twitter user @BetLynchsFag wrote: “That dog that let itself out the door is the most exciting thing that’s happened all show #lorraine.”

@JOEMS2020 added: “@reallorraine did that dog just open the door!!! A call to BGT is required asap. #lorraine.”

CHRISTOSVITASAV penned: “Morning Lorraine! YES DID notice the Dog opening the door! BRILLIANT.”

“The Oscar #Oscar for best performance by a dog goes to….. #lorraine,” @Ophelia_ButtsUK joked.

@GraceBrady68 shared: “@thismorning @reallorraine Seen the dog opening the door & going outside was wondering why @lorraine never mentioned it.”

@carlitogurt shared a story about their own dog, writing: “My big dog used to open doors and let himself in or out and my cat could open doors as well #ThisMorning.”

@fuzzybeepants posted: “Producer: Dog you’re about to be live on #Thismorning. Dog: I think not byeeeee.”

While Lorraine didn’t notice, the talented pooch certainly stole the show and was the topic of conversation following the show.

Lorraine airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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