Dr Hilary infuriated at ‘selfish’ doctor who refuses vaccine ‘Ethical duty to protect!’

NHS staff being vaccinated is an 'ethical duty' says Dr Hilary

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Dr Hilary told Good Morning Britain that NHS doctors working with vulnerable patients had an “ethical duty” to protect their patients. He argued the ICU doctor should immunise himself against Covid in line with General Medical Council regulations adding that he was capable of transmitting coronavirus to the sickest patients in society in his role as a front-line medic.

Dr Hilary told GMB: “The basic point that I’d like to make is the vast majority of doctors and scientists think the science is plenty strong enough to support vaccination and mandatory vaccination for NHS staff in contact with patients.

“By his own admission, he’s got antibodies so at some point he’s been in contact with coronavirus and has been capable of transmitting coronavirus to the sickest patients in society in intensive and critical care. That’s the first point.

“Having not been vaccinated, he’s likely to have a higher viral load when he’s been infectious and to carry that virus for longer and all the science shows that transmission in an unvaccinated person is likely to carry on for longer than it would in a vaccinated person, so he talks about the risk to himself. 

“There is an ethical duty for doctors under the GMC regulations in communicable diseases to immunise yourself to protect the risk to your patients.”


It comes as unvaccinated consultant Dr Steve James explained why he did not support mandatory vaccinations for NHS staff.

Dr James told GMB: “As a doctor, I’m not anti surgery, it doesn’t mean that surgery is what I need to have.

“So for a population to be good to offer certain treatments, doesn’t mean that everybody needs to have those treatments.”

He added: “Personally, I’m a fit and well, man and I’m not elderly.

“I was exposed to Covid n multiple occasions in hospital settings and I wasn’t getting sick and I thought, well, the vaccines are out there now, they’ll go to the elderly and vulnerable and I was surprised to see that there wasn’t a point where instead of saying, okay, instead of giving an offering to everyone, we’re now going to start offering it to people in a more nuanced way.”


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