Dr Hilary stuns GMB viewers with terrifying coronavirus warning ahead of second wave

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ITV’s Dr Hilary Jones insisted Britons can’t think the virus has gone away as he explained the public’s attitude towards COVID-19 has changed in lockdown. He noted that it’s still easy to catch and has mutations across the globe. Host Piers Morgan asked: “There’s no suggestion that the virus has got weaker, is there?”

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Dr Hilary said: “No there’s no suggestion at all it’s got weaker.

“If you look at the people who have studied the genetics of the virus

“They’re tracking it very closely around the world and there are slight mutations and variations.

“But it’s got the same transmissibility as it’s always had.”

Mr Morgan added: “We are where we were before lockdown?

“We’ve just got to be very, very careful.”

Dr Hilary added: “What’s changed is that people are less fearful of it.

“Do you remember the early days when people were stockpiling toilet paper thinking there’s going to be no food in the shops.

“We saw pictures of people being nursed on their fronts so that they could get oxygen into their lungs.

“People were frightened of those images. We’re not seeing those images anymore.

“A lot of people think the virus has gone away, it absolutely hasn’t. We’ve got more cases now than we did in January.”

Social media users were quick to respond to Dr Hilary’s warning as one noted social distancing measures are protecting the public.


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One Twitter user wrote: “Are we supposed to cower in our houses at all times? Not going to happen. We’re social distancing, screens up in the shops, washing hands, wearing masks. What else can we do?”

Another added: “I think all you can do is use your own common sense, I won’t be going anywhere near bars or restaurants, and you would never get me on a plane!”

A third person said: “We really need stricter guidance and discipline from the public. I’m shocked at the parties, behaviour at beaches. Loose guidance isn’t working.”

A fourth added: “I said this weeks ago nobody in the UK cares anymore more people are pretending that the coronavirus has suddenly gone away. It’s still here and it’s still killing people but nobody cares if you go out into the shops nobody cares when standing in queues no social distancing.”

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