EastEnders fans fear Ben Mitchell set for downward spiral after surprise arrest

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    EastEnders viewers are convinced Ben Mitchell is set for a downward spiral after learning some shocking news about his rapist, Lewis Butler.

    Troubled Ben was approached by a police officer in the cafe who informed him that Lewis had been arrested for the rape of another man.

    A visibly shocked Ben appeared to take the news badly, much to the confusion of viewers.

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    Ben was then seen raging with fury as he went to take on Martin Fowler at Phil’s gym, where he let his anger out in the ring.

    He also told distressed Lola that he can’t pick up Lexi as planned because of the fight, another sign his priorities are starting to wane.

    “Ben needs serious professional help so he can step up for Lexi and be a good dad. His trauma really is eating away at him and is spiralling out of control,” said one fan.

    Another agreed: “Ben is definitely triggered,” while a third penned: “What should be good news for Ben about Lewis will now be seen as a setback.”

    Martin and Ben got ready for their boxing match while Phil bragged to everyone that his son would win.

    Callum tried to talk Ben out of fighting, but Ben wouldn't listen.

    At the gym, Callum arrived to find Ben limbering up and revealed he knew about Lewis.

    He begged Ben to reconsider fighting, but Ben ignored him and headed into the ring to face Martin, full of pent-up rage, where he knocked Martin out but many felt it was after the bell had rung.

    Zack felt more positive after Sharon and Martin learned about his diagnosis.

    He got excited about the idea of getting a flat with Whitney and trying for another baby when his viral load came down.

    Later, he approached Ravi for a loan for a deposit, but when he shared his exciting news with Whit, she was blindsided.

    She wasn't ready for this so soon after Peach's death.

    Later, Zack was in The Vic with Martin and Whitney when he clashed with Ben.

    When Ben accused him of being a coward by refusing to fight, Zack told the entire pub that he dropped out because he was HIV positive.

    Jack wasn't coping without Denise, and she was miserable without him too.

    Amy was determined to fix things and secretly invited Denise to her school counselling session with Jack. Jack was surprised and uncomfortable when Denise arrived, but the therapist suggested family therapy might help.

    Seeing Amy's desperation, Denise promised to get Jack to consider having therapy together.

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