EastEnders fans ‘fuming’ about Theo as Martin confronts him over pregnant Lilly

EastEnders fans have been left fuming at new guy Theo Hawthorne after Wednesday night's episode, 5 July. Theo was confronted by Martin Fowler about him tutoring his pregnant daughter Lilly.

Martin has been getting more and more suspicious about Theo and his intentions in recent episodes. Theo, who is now a supply teacher at Lilly's school, has been helping her with her work after she was told to finish school for the term due to her pregnancy.

He has previously bought young Lilly a pair of trainers that her mum Stacey couldn't afford. However, in tonight's episode, Martin went one step further and went to Theo's old school in Essex to find out more.

While at the school, Martin spoke to a receptionist who told him to stay away from Theo. After the conversation, Martin went back to the Slaters where Theo was having his tea to accuse him of being a paedophile.

Theo disregarded the accusations and came out with a story about him having a relationship with a staff member. However, the viewers at home don't believe Theo, and they have been left furious by his story.

On Twitter, one angry viewer said: "Yeah Theo's hiding something, it's like he rehearsed that." While another fan said: "Is Theo lying or full of lies? #Eastenders."

Another fan pleaded: "Theo stop lying #EastEnders." This viewer feels the same as they said: "Theo is lying Stacey #EastEnders."

Despite Martin's concerns, Stacey chose to believe Theo and told Martin to apologise or leave. Martin decided to leave, and Stacey took Theo's side, much to the annoyance of the viewers at home who are accusing Stacey of being "nieve."

Fans at home are not just frustrated with Stacey, they are furious with her for allowing Theo to eat tea with the family.

One fan was not impressed as they said: "Stricter boundaries need to be set with the slaters and Theo because him having dinner with the family isn’t right…"

Theo came into the soap recently to help fellow Walford resident Freddie get diagnosed with ADHD. At the time Freddie was living with the Slaters, and Theo was well thought of by the family.

However, fans have always had their suspicions about the teacher, and those suspicions just increased when he started talking to Lilly.

It appears that fans were right to be suspicious, as Theo has been revealed as Stacey's online client. Struggling with money, Stacey started to film herself online for cash, but lately, she has just one client called Edmund, who pays her good money, and she speaks to him every night.

At the end of Wednesday's episode, Theo was seen watching her live video, but Stacey is yet to find out that Edmund is Theo.

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