EastEnders fans spot major gaffe as police believe Jags fit into much skinnier brother's jeans after robbery arrest

EASTENDERS fans spotted a major gaffe as the police believe Jags fit into much skinnier brother Vinny's jeans after the robbery arrest.

Actor Amar Adatia leaves the BBC soap this week after his contract comes to an end.

His character Jags was arrested last night after being framed by mum Suki for the brutal assault on Martin Fowler – that was actually carried out by his brother Vinny.

Suki framed him by handing over a package containing Jags' jeans to a detective – but fans were confused as they are different sizes.

One person said: "Because the jeans with blood on are the same size as his brother. I don’t think so #EastEnders"

Another added: "I honestly dont mean this in a horrible way but surely the Jean's will be the wrong size for the other brother??"

A third added: "Soooooo if Suki is framing Jags for the Attack on Martin with Vinnys jeans, wouldn't they be too small or did she transfer the blood stains from one pair to another ? EastEnders make me understand or do I have to wait ?"

The scheming mother – who is played by actress Balvinder Sopal in the BBC soap – showed just how ruthless she could be at dealing with her wayward children.

A frosty Suki was already furious after finding Jags’ bloodied jeans from the aftermath of the attack in the laundry basket for anyone to find.

But after she was called to the Vic for a surprise from Jags – and he revealed he loved Habiba, Suki lost it.

The ice queen stood up, placed a £20 note on the table and uttered the least convincing “welcome to the family” ever heard before walking out.

She then walked out and met up with the police detective investigating the attack on Martin in The Minute Mart.

She pushed over a package containing Jags’ jeans and gave it to the detective.

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