EastEnders' Melissa Suffield shows off post-baby body in bikini as she hits out at troll who called it 'horrible'

FORMER EastEnders star Melissa Suffield has proudly showed off her post-baby body in an animal print bikini.

The 28-year-old mum of one, famous for playing Lucy Beale, captioned the snaps: "Hey, you. You’re a warrior queen. Start acting like one."

She also shared a message from one unkind female follower telling her: "Your body is horrible hun."

Melissa wrote: "I'm sharing this with you so you can all see what happens when confident women own it.

"There will be people who want to tear them down, and sadly, often it will be other women. But don't let it deter you.

"You can't control criticism and trolls, but you can control how you react to it, and find a way that is healthy and productive for you.

"Some people will want to ignore, some people will want to confront the troll, some people will have a different method. But this is about you, not the p***k."

The actress then explained how she deals with criticism, saying she hides the posts and doesn't respond directly.

There will be people who want to tear them down, and sadly, often it will be other women – but don't let it deter you.

She posted the proud pictures after posing completely naked in an empowering shot to mark Breastfeeding Week.

The actress gave birth in March last year with fiancé Robert Brendan, 39, a cruise ship director, by her side.

After suffering “horrific” mastitis, Melissa turned to exclusively expressing her milk with a breast pump and feeding it to River with a bottle.

Explaining her picture, the star continued:  “No journey is easy, every feeding method comes with it’s challenges, and it shouldn’t be divisive. 

“That’s me feeding a bottle of breastmilk to River, at about 5 weeks old. We were already EP by that point.

“I pumped until the day of his first birthday, and as he turns 17 months in a couple of weeks, he’ll have his last pouch of breastmilk from the freezer.

"I certainly didn’t see that coming, but it was right for us. It would be totally wrong for someone else. And that’s cool. Just like, feed your kid, init.”

Melissa played Lucy on BBC soap EastEnders during the character’s rebellious teenage years, but was axed in 2010.

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