EastEnders’ Phil Mitchell locked up after backstabbing Sharon Watts confession?

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Phil Mitchell (played by Steve McFadden) could have his world crumble around him as former flame Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) contemplates telling the police she and him tried to kill Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt). In recent scenes, viewers saw the pair strangle Ian and Tina Carter (Luisa Bradshaw-White) taking the blame. In upcoming scenes, Gray Atkins (Toby-Alexander Smith) gives hope to the Carter family by telling them he saw Tina, while Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) begs Sharon to confess to the police. Will her guilt get the better of her? Or will she stay loyal to ex-lover Phil?

In the last few months, the Carter family has been determined to find Tina after she went missing in December 2020.

However, viewers will know that evil Gray killed Tina and made it look like she was on the run after she uncovered that he had killed his wife, Chantelle Atkins (Jessica Plummer), just three months earlier.

He disposed of her body and made it seem like she was hiding after she was wrongly accused of trying to kill Ian Beale.

However, fans know it was Sharon and Phil who set out to kill him.

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Shirley and Mick Carter (Danny Dyer), and the rest of the family think she fled abroad, but Whitney Dean (NAME) has recently found her plane ticket proving she may not have left the country.

Gray then proceeded to manipulate Whitney into staying quiet about the plane ticket she found, trying desperately not to let his lies be uncovered.

Elsewhere in Walford, the former landlady to The Vic, Sharon, recently discovered that Ian had an indirect role in Dennis Rickman’s (Bleu Landau) demise and attempted to murder him during one of the BBC One soap’s most controversial stories.

With assistance from former lover Phil, she attacked Ian in The Queen Vic, but it was Tina who became the prime suspect.

In upcoming scenes next week, Gray gets some devastating news about the future of his job before facing some money issues due to increasing bills.

Angry about the events, Gray storms over to The Vic to cause more havoc for the Carter family. First, he calls Shirley over to tell her he saw Tina on a bus.

Hearing the news, Shirley and Mick ask Gray to relay everything he knows about Tina and where he saw her, but he continues to play minds games and tells them he can’t be 100 percent sure it was her.

Fans will later see Shirley tell Mick that Sharon and Phil need to pay for what they have done and will go down unless they confess about their plan and what they did to him.

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After returning from seeing his daughter Louise and ex-wife Lisa, Phil is immediately bombarded by Shirley telling him he needs to hand himself in for what he and Sharon did to Ian.

Sharon also bumps into a dishevelled Shirley who pleads with her to go to the police.

Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) also offers to talk some sense into Sharon to get her to go to the police.

Later in the week, Sharon speaks to Phil about going to the police and confessing everything but was soon reminded that they both could face time.

Phil worries when he can’t get hold of Sharon and leaves her a warning voicemail not to do anything stupid and to come back and speak to him.

Will Shirley’s pleading speech send Sharon to the police and hand herself in? Or will she blame it all on Phil and narrowly miss doing time herself?

Some fans took to Reddit to discuss the current theory of Phil possibly going to jail, with one viewer saying: “Defo think Phil is going to be the one to take the fall for Ian, Sharon will blame everything on him.”

Another added: “What if, Sharon goes to the police to tell them about what they did to Ian, but then Phil ends up getting arrested for Ian AND Tina’s disappearance? PLOT TWIST.”

A third user wrote: “I think Phil is going to be caught out about Ian, Sharon on the other hand, can be quite manipulative, so I think she’ll get away with it.”

EastEnders airs weekdays at 8pm on BBC One.
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