EastEnders spoilers: Callum Highway and Whitney Dean to split as death tears couple apart?

Callum (played by Tony Clay) had a visit from a stranger named Vicky (Isis Davis) who turned out to be the sister of an old army colleague.

But the EastEnders newcomer brought some terrible news with her as she told Callum that her brother Chris had died in a car accident several months ago.

Callum was clearly crushed by the revelation as he had to take a moment for himself – but there was more to the story on the BBC soap.

Vicky was keen to find the man her brother Chris had been in love with during his time in the army as she thought he would like to attend Chris’ upcoming memorial service.

He wrote to me about a guy he was in love with in the army


She asked: “Maybe you might know, he wrote to me about a guy he was in love with in the army.

“He never mentioned a name but I got the impression this guy felt the same. So I thought ‘it’s the memorial tomorrow, I’ll see if I can find him’.

“And when I got your address I reckoned you might know. Seeing as you were best mates.

“Do you? Know who it was?”

But Callum, who has recently been in turmoil over his sexuality, didn’t provide Vicky with an answer, simply stating that he didn’t realise Chris was gay.

Vicky went on: “In his letters all he called him was H, every letter was about H. H this and H that.”

Callum then got up, quick to dismiss the conversation as he announced: “I’ll have a think but I should be getting on.”

She then apologised for taking up his time before asking if she could take one of his cards.

“I wish someone could tell me who it was, only I think it might mean something if that person was there tomorrow,” Vicky said.

Callum replied: “I’ll wrack my brains and have a think.”

“I’m sorry for your loss,” he said after escorting her outside before Vicky shared: “Chris would really want you there.”

The two then embraced in a heartfelt hug outside the undertakers, where they were spotted by Whitney (Shona McGarty) from across the street.

Whitney looked upset as she continued walking as it seemed as though she got the wrong end of the stick about Callum and Vicky.

Little does she know the truth is far more complex than that as later on in the soap a devastated Callum was seen clutching Chris’ old army uniform.

It’s clear Callum and Chris were deeply involved during the army and the reveal comes as viewers have seen him struggle with his sexuality.

If Whitney confronts him about his hug with Vicky, will Callum tell her what’s really going on?

The pair are set to wed soon but with Callum’s secrets mounting it remains to be seen if they really will make it down the aisle.

EastEnders continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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