EastEnders spoilers: Dotty Cotton forces Tiffany Butcher to be a hostess as the club

DOTTY Cotton forces Tiffany Butcher to be a hostess at the club next week in EastEnders. 

Dotty – who is played by Milly Zero in the BBC One soap – will threaten to up Tiffany and Keegan’s rent if she doesn’t take the job.

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Viewers will see Tiffany suggest the idea of doing hostess work to Keegan, but he insists he won’t have his wife flirting with strangers. 

When Tiffany pulls out, Dotty is annoyed and threatens to put their rent up. 

Later at the club, Dotty finds herself in a grim situation with some sleazy customers and Tiffany comes to her rescue. 

Later, Dotty begs Tiffany to reconsider, reminding her how the job could change their financial situation. 

Later in the week, Dotty and Keegan end up locking horns over the situation.

Will Dotty get what she’s after?

EastEnders viewers know that Dotty is no stranger to causing trouble in the Square.

The youngster spent months terrorising Ian Beale after discovering he was responsible for Dennis Mitchell’s death in the boat tragedy.

Ian reported Dotty to the police for selling laughing gas at the club after he spotted her kissing Peter Beale. 

Ian eventually dropped the charges in return for Dotty’s silence about Dennis but, when he failed to stop winding her up, she stormed over to the pub and tried to expose Ian.

However, Sharon booted her out and pretended not to believe the youngster’s claims, shutting Dotty down.

But it was recently revealed that Sharon did know what Ian had done, when it was revealed that she was behind his brutal attack in the Queen Vic.

Ian managed to escape Sharon’s final murder attempt and flee Walford after admitting he was responsible for her son’s death.

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