EastEnders spoilers: Frankie Lewis leaves Walford for a new life in Australia after being rejected by dad Mick Carter

FRANKIE Lewis departs Walford for a new life in Australia after being rejected by dad Mick Carter. 

Frankie turned against her mum Katy this week after realising she had indeed abused her dad Mick when he was a child.

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Katy initially tried to manipulate Mick into thinking he’d imagined the abuse – and that he wasn’t Frankie’s dad – when she arrived in the Square at the end of last year. 

But Frankie finally saw through her mum’s lies this week and told Katy she deserved everything she’s got coming to her.

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Frankie dropped home by the police.

Viewers will see Callum remind her she needs to stay out of trouble if she wants to work in Australia.

But they’re interrupted when Stuart arrives and invites them to Mick’s party at The Vic, not realising who Frankie is. 

Frankie pushes him for information about Mick and realises that he has no idea Stuart has invited her. 

Later, Frankie spots Mick in the Square and pushes him for answers about her mum but Mick, preoccupied with Tina, snaps at her.

The following day, a hungover Frankie enters the cafe and wishes Mick a happy birthday before announcing she’s leaving. 

Mick continues to act distant but, after overhearing Denise and Phil discussing Raymond, the reality of the situation dawns on him and he asks Ben where Frankie is going. 

When Ben tells him that Frankie has already left for Australia, Mick panics. 

Will Mick be able to find Frankie in time and convince her to stay?

Frankie isn’t the only one to see Katy’s true colours as Mick finally faced his demons last month and confronted Katy over the abuse she had subjected him to, before telling Linda what had happened.

Shirley then discovered the horrifying truth when she overheard Katy threatening to tell the police Mick had raped her.

Fans were overjoyed as Shirley launched a violent attack against Katy, beating her until she was left crying on the floor.

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