Emma Willis still wants to host Big Brother – even if it moves to another channel

The future of Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother is very much in limbo at the moment following Channel 5’s axing last month.

There are rumours swirling that some channels are interested in taking up the long-running reality series, though nothing has been confirmed yet.

However, if the show were to be revived, host Emma Willis is definitely on board to move over with it, telling Radio Times: “Would I be a part of another Big Brother? Why wouldn’t I?

“I’ve been a part of it for such a long time. As long as diaries allowed for it and it was still the Big Brother I know and love, then yes.”

The presenter did admit that she is in the dark over what exactly is happening with the show, adding: “I haven’t got a clue where or if Big Brother is going anywhere. I didn’t even know it was being considered by other channels.”

Emma has undoubtedly been incredibly popular as a Big Brother presenter, recently gaining praise for her stony-faced interview with former Celebrity Big Brother housemate Roxanne Pallett.

She explained over the weekend that she struggled to stay impartial during the chat, recalling: “I’ve never tried to impose my view on the audience, but when something like this happens, something that felt so wrong, I couldn’t hide my own opinions.

“Sometimes we do have light, fluffy chats about people in the Big Brother house and then sometimes really serious shit happens in there and you’ve got to be able to ask the questions everybody is thinking.”

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