Emmerdale gunfight sees Billy looking down the barrel of Max's gun during robbery as someone fights for their life

AN EMMERDALE gunfight will see Billy looking down the barrel of Max's gun during a robbery – before someone is left fighting for their life.

Gangster Max has planned for the van robbery and he warns Billy not to mess things up.

The police arrive – having been tipped off by Billy who wants to get rid of him for good – and intercept the job.

Later, Billy is worried when DS Sanders tells him they can’t guarantee Max won’t find out what he did. Has he put his whole family in danger?

The answer appears to be yes, as there’s terror at Tall Trees when Max holds Jessie, Marlon and April at gunpoint.

Max orders Jessie to call Billy – as he's determined to make him pay – but it goes through to voicemail.

Billy arrives at Tall Trees and confronts Max, but their tussle ends up with the gun going off and someone fighting for their life.

Billy arrived in the village on Christmas Day, just in time to see his mum Jessie Grant tie the knot with Marlon Dingle.

He’d been released early from prison and although Jessie was pleased to see him, she was the only one.

Brother Ellis was put out that Billy had arrived and it was revealed that Aaron Dingle knew Billy from prison as he was part of the gang that gave him trouble inside.

Billy was jailed for three years after falling in with the wrong crowd, to his mum’s despair.

On a drunken night out he was involved in an attack on a random man who they viciously beat up and left for dead.

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