Emmerdale viewers left distraught and confused after Joe Tate's death

This evening’s (October 11) double-bill of Emmerdale was a heart-wrenching display of shock, violence and tragedy, as Joe Tate lost his life.

Cain Dingle fatally punched Joe in the first episode – after he fell and smacked his head on a rock – with the lad’s death confirmed at the start of the follow-up instalment by Graham, who couldn’t find a pulse.

When Joe’s finger twitched, it was Graham who then seemingly finished off the job and discarded the body, with only him actually knowing its whereabouts.

Ultimately, though, fans of the soap were left equally distraught and confused over these upsetting scenes. Is he truly dead, and if so, where’s Joe’s body buried? There were a hell of a lot of police knocking around the village, so how did Graham manage to get rid of it so smoothly?

Many viewers were completely up in arms over the whole situation, as you can see.

Graham’s reaction to disposing of Joe’s body also got a few reactions tonight, with the menacing character breaking down in tears in his car.

Poor Graham.

However, with all of this uncertainty floating around online over Joe’s definitive fate, actor Ned Porteous features in a behind-the-scenes video clarifying the situation.

So there it is, from the horse’s mouth.

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