Everything You Need to Know About the Actors from 'Emily in Paris'

Now back for Season 2, Emily in Paris is one of our latest (and biggest, TBH) Netflix obsessions. The series, from TV genius Darren Star (aka the creator of such television masterpieces as Sex and the City, Younger, Beverly Hills, 90210, and Melrose Place—casual, right?) follows a young American woman named Emily who gets the chance at her dream job in Paris. That dream job? Working for a French marketing firm with the task of bringing an American perspective to the company (which, you know, sure—we’ll just collectively pretend that “an American perspective” is a thing the world doesn’t already have enough of internationally).

The show, like all of Star’s series, is full of quirky characters, quirkier humor, and lust-worthy fashion. But even if you’ve binged the entire first season of Emily in Paris multiple times by now (no shame or judgment if you have) and know everything there is to know about the show’s plotlines and characters, you may still have more to learn to fill out the growing Wikipedia entry in your head about the series. Specifically: The need-to-know details about the Emily in Paris cast, which just so happens to include several talented, real-life Parisians.

Here’s everything you need to know about all the main actors on Emily in Paris, including the …comment ça se dit“newbies” joining the show in Season 2.

Lily Collins:

Emily in Paris role: The titular Emily Cooper, a young woman from Chicago who moves to Paris for her dream job with a French marketing firm.

Where she’s from IRL: Collins was born in the U.K. in Guildford, Surrey, but moved to Los Angeles when she was 7.

Age: 32

IG: @lilyjcollins

What else you can see her in: Mirror Mirror, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, and Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.

Fun fact: She has famous parents—musician Phil Collins and actress Jill Tavelman.

Lucas Bravo:

Emily in Paris role: Gabriel, Emily’s hunky downstairs neighbor who works as a chef.

Where he’s from IRL: Nice, France

Age: 33

IG: @lucasnbravo

What else you can see him in: Bravo has appeared in several awesome film shorts, including Caprice and Beautiful injuries.

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu:

Emily in Paris role: Sylvie, Emily’s boss who gives off some major Miranda Priestly vibes.

Where she’s from, IRL: Rome, Italy

Age: 58

IG: @philippineleroybeaulieu

What else you can see her in: Popular French films like Three Men and a Cradle and Natalia.

Fun fact: Like Lily Collins, she had a parent in the entertainment industry—actor Philippe Leroy-Beaulieu.

Ashley Park:

Emily in Paris role: Mindy Chen, Emily’s new BFF and guide to life in France.

Where she’s from, IRL: She was born in Glendale, California, but grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Age: 30

IG: @ashleyparklady

What else you can see her in: She’s mainly known for her work on Broadway, in productions like Mean Girls, Sunday in the Park with George, and The King and I.

Samuel Arnold:

Emily in Paris role: Julien, Emily’s coworker and frenemy.

Where he’s from IRL: Paris, France

Age: 30

IG: @superssama

What else you can see him in: Emily in Paris is definitely Arnold’s breakout role. Previously, his onscreen credits include only an appearance on a French TV series called Platane and in a TV movie called Tuer un homme.

Bruno Gouery:

Emily in Paris role Luc, Emily’s quirky coworker.

Where he’s from IRL: France

Age: 46

IG: @brunogouery

What else you can see him in: The French actor and writer has appeared in several French series, including Doc Martin, President Alphonse, and Super Jimmy.

Camille Razat:

Emily in Paris role: Camille, Emily’s friend and Gabriel’s girlfriend/ex.

Where she’s from IRL: Toulouse, France

Age: 27

IG: @camillerazat

What else you can see her in: The French actress and model has appeared in the French miniseries The Disappearance and the French/Belgian horror film Girls With Balls.

Kate Walsh:

Emily in Paris role: Madeline Wheeler, Emily’s American mentor.

Where she’s from IRL: San Jose, California

Age: 54

IG: @katewalsh

What else you can see her in: Tons of amazing series, including Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, The Umbrella Academy, and 13 Reasons Why.

William Abadie:

Emily in Paris role: Antoine Lambert, one of Emily’s clients who is also having an affair with Sylvie.

Where he’s from IRL: Saint-Raphaël, France

Age: 44

IG: @william_abadie

What else you can see him in: This French actor has appeared in lots of popular American TV shows in the past, including Sex and the City, Ugly Betty, The O.C., Gotham, and Sweetbitter.

Lucien Laviscount

Emily in Paris role: Alfie, a London native who works at a bank in Paris and isn’t really about the France life. He meets Emily in Season 2.

Where he’s from IRL: Burnley, United Kingdom

Age: 29

IG: @its_lucien

What else you can see him in: He’s been in a ton of UK soap operas, played Romeo (yes, that Romeo) in Still Star-Crossed and even joined the Archieverse as Alexander Cabot in Katy Keane.

Jeremy O. Harris

Emily in Paris role: A fashion designer named Gregory Elliot Dupree in Seson 2.

Where he’s from IRL: Martinsville, VA

Age: 32

IG: @jeremyoharris

What else you can see him in: Harris is best known for writing the plays Slave Play and Daddy, co-writing and adapting the Zola screenplay, and appearing as himself on the new Gossip Girl. You may have also spotted him in some episodes of NYC-set shows like What We Do In The Shadows and High Maintenance.

Fun fact: His last name does not rhyme with the title of the show, but his first name does.

Arnaud Binard

Emily in Paris role: Laurent G, a nightclub owner in Season 2 who agrees to promote one of Emily’s brands.

Where he’s from IRL: Bordeaux, France

Age: 50

IG: @arnaudbinard

What else you can see him in: A ton of French television programs, including Sous le Soleil and the film À l’aventure.

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