Exclusive: Midget is balancing motherhood and racing on Street Outlaws: Memphis

On tonight’s Street Outlaws: Memphis, the weight of being a hands-on mother is bit of a conflict for JJ Da Boss’s wife Tricia, aka Midget, who loves her young kids but loves to race too.

In our exclusive clip, Tricia Day is cooking and tending to the kids as JJ has one on his hip. JJ Da Boss’s mother Nana Day looks concerned, as she hears the conflict in Tricia’s assurances to JJ that he should just go on and race and she should be home with the kids. She knows what Tricia really wants.

JJ Da Boss is Jonathan Day, and he has gained great fame from the reality series Street Outlaws on Discovery channel. JJ came up racing in the streets and keeps a close-knit crew of Tricia Day, his wife, Precious Cooper, his other right-hand gal, and a group of friends who race for him and who came up with him from the same neck of the woods.

JJ has been the leader of his racing team and believes that racing is a lifestyle and it’s about winning honestly without cheating or dirty competition. The members of the team hold street racing in high regard and their participation is more about honor and pride in themselves, the team, and the souped-up car.

Last week, Precious, who is JJ’s cousin, won big money for the crew. Precious also goes by her nickname, “Queen of the Streets.” She’s earned the descriptive title through her skill and knowledge of the racing profession. Precious takes on and beats the heck out of all the big boys of street racing.

In the clip, the war of true feelings is evident on Tricia’s face as she tries to reconcile being at home and tending to the tots while JJ is out there racing and “getting that money.”

Fans know that Tricia is a hell of a racer herself and wants to be part of the action, but you can see she is torn up about being perceived as a neglectful mother. Patricia “Tricia” Day got the name Midget because she is tiny in size, but has huge racing talent.

Tricia is mechanically inclined too and is often seen fixing and prepping cars for their races.

She and JJ have raised 11 children and have five grandkids. JJ often posts about his wife and kids on Instagram and Facebook.

Tonight, watch how Nana Day steps in to reassure Midget that the kids and she need some “bonding time” and that she should be with her man. The kids even get in the act and tell mama to ‘go help daddy and have fun.”

Everyone should have a mother-in-law so supportive and intuitive.

Watch tonight as JJ and Tricia smoke the streets of Street Outlaws as the catchphrase “Off witcha head” is likely to be heard.

Street Outlaws: Memphis airs Mondays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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