Fiona Bruce rushed between studios in police car to keep BBC News on air

Fiona Bruce has been rushed between London studios in a police car in a desperate bid to keep BBC News on air.

Home editor Mark Easton shared footage of himself and presenter Fiona racing across the city to arrive in time for the 6pm broadcast after the Beeb’s main studio went down due to a major malfunction.

The channel suffered technical problems shortly after 3pm and was down for almost an hour before returning to the air for the 4pm bulletin.

Presenter Ben Brown’s desk pieces to camera were pasted with a grey and white banner stating ‘RECORDED’ during the crash.

When he returned to the air, he said: "Hello there, you’re watching Afternoon Live with me, Ben Brown, today at 4."

But in the interim viewers took to Twitter to wonder why the channel was showing recorded news.

It’s since emerged that the main newsroom computer system, Open Media, crashed.

An internal memo, seen by The Mirror, confirmed: "The London Open Media system remains unavailable to most staff.

"News Channel and BBC World have moved to recorded material and WS (World Service) Radio are using a back up. The supplier (Annova) are investigating the cause.

"The DOMs have no estimate for a resumption of service. When we do the studios will be the first to be informed.

"The Fire drill at OBH is CANCELLED."

Buzzfeed reported "there are currently many people in the gallery attempting to fix the issue".

A BBC spokesperson told the Mirror at the time: "Due to a technical issue we’re currently running recorded programming on our live news channels. We’re working hard to resolve this as quickly as possible.

"The BBC News website is operating normally."

There is currently no estimate as to when the channel will be properly back on air.

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