Fourth housemate evicted from Big Brother as Kenaley and Akeem go head-to head

The fourth housemate has been booted out of the Big Brother House.

On Friday night, Kenaley Amos-Sissons got the chop after facing the public vote with Akeem Griffiths after Lewis F was saved when he won the Gamechanger.

The University College Birmingham graduate, 24, told Emma Willis during her eviction interview: "It is what it is.

"You can’t be everyone’s cup of tea. At least it wasn’t the people I was closest to in there."

She added that she didn’t expect to beat Akeem head-to-head, telling the host: "No, because from the minute you know you’re up, you already imagine yourself walking up the stairs, you already imagine yourself meeting you [Emma].

"You just think that it’s you straight away. And because Akeem’s such a nice guy it’s a hard one to think that he was going to go."

Big Brother fans had a mixed reaction to her eviction, with one tweeting: "Feel sorry for Kenaley, don’t think think she was the weakest house mate."

Another said Akeem should have been the one to go on Friday night.

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"I am so vexed why the hell is kenaley out of the BIG BROTHER HOUSE put her right back in the house and take akeem out."

But a third said: "This is fair enough, she has been a pretty average houseate. Loud at times, but boring mostly. Akeem is much more interesting."

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