Gambling addiction trauma ahead for grieving Vinny in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale’s Vinny (Bradley Johnson) was right by Liv’s (Isobel Steele) side when she battled her alcohol addiction and he managed to see her through the very worst of it, but with the threat of his own addiction looming, who will help him? 

Vinny has been struggling to keep it together since Liv’s death, only managing to find comfort in his four-legged friend Chip. He’s not ready to pull himself out of his bad place, and sadly for the Dingle, things are set to get worse. 

Seeing him struggling, Mandy (Lisa Riley) asks Jimmy (Nick Miles) to get involved and speak with him man to man, and this is her first mistake.

The two bond over a game of snap and Vinny starts opening up. It’s not long before they move onto a game of poker, the start of a slippery slope for someone who battles with finding a reason to get up in the morning.

Will (Dean Andrews) watches on as Vinny easily thrashes Jimmy. Impressed, he invites the two to play a game at the pub.  

The game pulls in a few more willing participants including Ryan (James Moore), David (Matthew Wolfenden), and Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb). The distraction serves Vinny well as he gets completely caught up in the game.

The thrill of winning feels like a reason to live and helps him forget about his grief for a while, an addictive and dangerous drug.

He seems to have forgotten the violent lengths his late dad went to trying to feed his own gambling habit – including beating Vinny to a pulp. Is he headed for a similar fate? 

Things move to the next level when the next day, Vinny, Mack, and Jimmy meet for a secret game of poker, hiding it from Charles (Kevin Mathurin).

Vinny is on a winning streak and for the first time since losing Liv he feels in control.   

But word gets back to a concerned Mandy who loses it when she hears Vinny is gambling. Her fury takes over and she lashes out with accusations he’s turning into his vile dad Paul.

It’s a low blow, but she has a point that Vinny is not ready to hear. Jimmy’s left feeling guilty for starting it all, as he should as Vinny is skirting the edge of a dangerous spiral.  

The next day Mack and Vinny spend time discussing strategy for their upcoming poker game with Darren, which is a very bad sign – could they be teaming up to cheat? What is Vinny getting himself into? 

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