Gangs of London director explains why Elliot's life is 'turned upside down' by brutal murder

GANGS of London's director has explained why Elliot's life is 'turned upside down' by a brutal murder.

The Sky Atlantic drama has seen plenty of blood, gore and death in its first season, but one in particular has a lasting effect on undercover cop Elliot.

*Spoilers ahead for the first season of Gangs of London*

The character – played by Sope Dirisu – is in a dangerous relationship with Shannon, the daughter of Ed Dumani.

His dedication to her and protecting her safety and that of her son is what leads him to shoot mob boss Sean Wallace (Joe Cole) in the ninth episode.

Discussing why Elliot jeopardises his cover and career, director Gareth Evans told Den of Geek: "Our main focus was the shift in Elliot, who is obviously an undercover cop who then makes a decision to kill a person in cold blood.

"No matter who they are, that takes you away from being an undercover cop in the true sense of the word."

“His whole life has been turned upside down. His relationship with Shannon was something that was obviously very important to us.

"That was the heart of the show. It was this idea of to what extent you would go to in order to protect the relationship that for him is built on a need and on an element of truth."

As for Shannon – played by Pippa Bennett-Warner – Elliot's actions will be equally as life-shattering for her too when she finds out.

Gareth explained: "But for her, she’s going to learn it’s built on lies.

"As fascinating as it would be for Elliot, it’s also fascinating what it would mean for Shannon who’s somebody who’s going to learn the truth about Elliot and discover this person that she let into her life, this person that she let look after her son was not the person that she thought he was.”

Meanwhile fellow director on the show Xavier Gens also revealed what fans could expect from Asif and Lale's rivalry in a potential second season.

Gangs of London continues on Thursday, June 4 at 9pm on Sky Atlantic.

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