'General Hospital' Friday Spoilers: Carly's Questioned, Ava Visits 'Kevin,' & Kiki's Excited About The Future

It’s time for another episode of General Hospital and spoilers hint that there’s plenty to buzz over with this one. Mary Pat’s murder is causing waves throughout Port Charles and fans are bracing themselves for what may be coming next.

The Friday sneak peek shared via Twitter reveals that Carly will be a bit hot under the collar to be facing questions about Mary Pat’s death from Jordan and Chase. They’re there, as everybody saw on Thursday, in large part because Carly’s DNA was found on the dead nurse. However, General Hospital spoilers share that Carly will understandably ask why Ava doesn’t seem to be a suspect since the rest of Mary Pat’s body was found at Ava’s gallery.

Ava will head off to see “Kevin” again, excited to meet up with him as she feels as if she’s getting so much from this developing therapeutic relationship. Sadly, Ava’s completely missing all of the red flags about how “Kevin” is manipulating her.

There are plenty of rumors swirling around regarding how far Ryan may go in killing people off and using Ava in various ways to keep any suspicion off of himself. Based on the latest General Hospital spoilers, it looks as if he’ll push things a step further during Friday’s show.

Kiki is feeling excited about her life these days, too. She and Griffin are not dancing around getting involved any longer and she’ll talk with her beau about how everything is taking a turn for the better.

Unfortunately, fans know that’s not exactly true here. Sasha, Kiki’s fake sister, has a growing interest in snagging Griffin for herself and Ava is still determined to destroy both her daughter and her ex-boyfriend.

During Thursday’s show, Sonny wore a wire and worked to get Margaux’s mother to confess the truth about being involved with Scully and wanting Vincent dead. She Knows Soaps indicates that Sonny will be successful in proving his point during Friday’s show and Margaux will implore her mother to tell the truth.

Elizabeth will lend her support to Terry as her friend faces something difficult and General Hospital spoilers reveal that Terry will have a confession of sorts to share with her long-time friend. Nina apparently has a bit of a confession to make to Sasha too, sharing that she may have “acted out of turn” in some sense.

General Hospital spoilers hint that the coming weeks will have juicy developments that will get viewers talking and it looks like a lot of groundwork will be laid during this November 9 show.

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