'General Hospital' Spoilers For Wednesday: Valentin Approaches Sasha And Maxie Reassures Nina

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Wednesday, October 17 hint at some intriguing developments. Nina is desperate to bond with her supposed biological daughter Sasha, but it’s been a complicated dynamic so far. There’s more related to this storyline on the way, and teasers suggest viewers have a lot to look forward to on other fronts as well.

The latest sneak peek shared via Twitter reveals that Valentin will approach Sasha during Wednesday’s show. Of course, she’s not familiar with him so she’ll wonder who he is and why he’s trying to talk to her.

Viewers have felt fairly sure that there’s a twist yet to come on this Sasha storyline. It seemed far too convenient that Curtis suddenly found her and that the DNA tests showed that she was Nina’s child.

Some people speculate that Valentin may have set all this up while others wonder if Sasha herself could turn out to be shady. None of those possibilities have been confirmed yet, but fans will be interested to see these two characters interact.

As Valentin and Sasha talk, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Maxie will be offering Nina some support. Nina got pretty flustered during her first meetings with Sasha, but she begged her supposed daughter to give her a chance.

Maxie was pretty skeptical about all of this as it developed. However, She Knows Soaps indicates that she’ll be doing her best to help Nina through this. It looks like Maxie will reassure her friend that Sasha will come to realize how lucky she is to be connected to Nina.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Spencer will pay Sonny a visit and talk about why he has returned to town. Drew and Peter will be having a chat, with Peter telling Drew that there’s no peace in looking backward. This could prove to be valuable insight for Drew as he decides what to do about Margaux’s ultimatum, and Peter of all people does have something of a unique perspective in an unusual scenario like this.

Wednesday’s show also brings more with Oscar and Cameron. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Oscar will have one more demand to make of Cameron, and Cam will probably be resistant to whatever it is.

Oscar is doing everything he can to push Josslyn away rather than let her find out he’s got cancer, but soon she’ll be forming a new plan to win back her guy. Cameron is stuck in the middle and he may not be able to keep this up much longer.

What’s the truth about Sasha and how will Josslyn finally learn of Oscar’s illness? General Hospital spoilers tease that there’s fantastic stuff ahead this fall and viewers are anxious to see where the writers take them next.

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