'General Hospital' Thursday Spoilers: Sam And Jason Have Questions And Sonny Pressures Margaux's Mother

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday’s episode hint that things will get interesting on several fronts. Sam, Jason, and Curtis are trying to uncover the truth at Ferncliff and viewers know that Sam and Jason will find something intriguing in the room they snuck into. Elsewhere, Sonny will try to get the truth from Margaux’s mom Jeanette and Jordan will have some questions for Franco.

What will Sam and Jason see in the Ferncliff room Curtis helped them enter? While it would certainly be convenient if Kevin or some obvious sign of Kevin were there, viewers can’t expect things to play out quite that simply.

Previews for Thursday’s show reveal that Jason and Sam will have questions for the person they find. Viewers will see Sam looking perplexed and asking who convinced this person that this would be a way out.

General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps tease that Nelle will be popping up during this episode, so there is speculation that Nelle may be the person in that room. It’s possible that Nelle has managed to get herself admitted to Ferncliff potentially as a way to escape taking responsibility for all that went down, but she may have a tough time making that plan work.

In any case, Sam and Jason will probably not find as much as they hoped to with this visit. As they try to figure out what’s going on, Curtis will be trying to send a text and he’ll face questions from the Ferncliff staff regarding what he’s doing.

Franco and Elizabeth will get a visit from Jordan, and General Hospital spoilers detail that Franco will assume Jordan’s there to see if he might have returned to his evil ways by killing Mary Pat. Franco seems to try to joke about this, more or less, but it’ll probably be tough for him to revisit that difficult part of his past.

Thursday’s episode also brings more with Oscar, as he’ll tell his mother that he’s not backing down from his emancipation plans. In addition, Josslyn will be anxious to avoid Carly and Cameron will question why she’s trying to put some distance between her and her mom.

General Hospital spoilers via Soap Central note that Elizabeth will have some questions for Cam, probably in an effort to figure out what’s really going on in his relationship with Joss. Liz will be asking about Cam’s motivation and he’ll probably dance around giving her clear answers.

Fans will also get some interesting scenes involving Sonny, Margaux, and her mother Jeanette. Sonny has developed the theory that Jeanette had Scully kill Margaux’s father Vincent because of a romance and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Sonny may try to get her to admit this. Margaux will be listening in on the conversation, but it seems unlikely that Jeanette will make it that easy for them.

Fans have a lot of action to look forward to in this November 8 show and General Hospital spoilers hint that there’s plenty of great stuff on the way in the coming days. Things will be getting intense and everybody is anxious to see what comes next.

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