GMB fans floored over ‘best ever’ debate as reporter clashes with turkey farmer

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Good Morning Britain became incredibly intense as political editor Isobel Oakenshott "crucified" a turkey farmer live on air.

Presenters Susanna Reid, 50, and Alastair Campbell, 64, kicked off the interview in Chelmsford, first speaking to Paul Kelly who claimed there wasn't enough workers to "pluck turkeys" when compared to 2020.

Paul explained 30 years ago manual labour jobs were allocated to young people who he feels are no longer interested because they're now attending university.

He said: "I don't blame them but we don't have people to do the work anymore."

Susanna added: "Paul what Isobel Oakenshott has just outlined is – and it is to be fair one of the reasons that a number of people would have voted for Brexit – is this idea that if you have a lot of foreign labour working at low pay, that surprises wages, once that foreign labour has gone you increase wages and then you attract people.

"And people who might have gone on to do other things are then attracted back to the jobs that you're offering, you could fill your 40 vacancies."

She asked: "Is the problem, that you're not paying enough?"

Paul responded: "I would dearly love to find someone to pay. I don’t have a problem paying someone more money, I just want to find someone to pay."

Isobel interjected: "This is ridiculous Paul, may I come in here?"

She asked Paul about his job openings, before unveiling that she'd in fact "done her research" before appearing on the programme

Isobel uncovered that she had discovered "no advertisements on his website" for jobs.

The co-author of Michael Ashcroft explained she'd also "phoned his office" only to establish they were unsure about any vacancies.

Furthermore, Isobel landed her last blow as she placed her final card down which was information she'd found on Companies House about Paul's business.

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