Gogglebox’s Marcus says Channel 4 bosses ‘encourage cast to booze’ on show

Gogglebox star Marcus Luther said he thinks the Channel 4 show "encourage" the cast to get boozy on camera.

Marcus and his partner Mica Ven have become fan favourites on Gogglebox since joining the cast in 2018.

However, the stars admitted there are times when they forget the cameras are on and are left unsure as to which comments will make the final cut for an episode.

The pair joined their co-star Lee Ryan as the show picked up the Reality and Constructed Factual at the BAFTA TV Awards earlier this month.

Marcus, Mica and Lee spoke exclusively to Daily Star and other press at the Winners' Press Conference during the glitzy award show, where they revealed what it's like to have their bombshell remarks being broadcast to the nation.

When asked if they ever suffer booze-related fear after drinking on camera, dad Marcus had a hilarious response which was perhaps more of a cheeky joke.

He said: "No, Gogglebox encourage it!", before adding: "They want us on the drinks sometimes, man!"

Lee later explained he's vowed to stop drinking during Gogglebox shoots after watching himself back in a 2014 episode, where he apparently 'slurred' his words in a drunken haze.

Lee said: "We used to drink, me and Jenny. I think I’ve seen one episode in 2014 and I just lay there slurring, It’s not good, so I’ve stopped drinking [on the show]."

When asked if they ever forget when the cameras are on, leading them to wonder which of their unfiltered comments will make the final cut, the trio were all in agreement.

Mica said: "All the time" as Lee admitted: "Every day".

Explaining why he loves being a part of the show, Marcus said: "Literally you can walk down your stairs right and start getting paid for watching TV.

"What job is better than that? You ain't got to learn no lines, and you can cuss and swear."

He also opened up about his other passions and projects, which involves running a boxing gym, fighting knife crime and helping young people in his community.

Marcus said: "Money changes everything, but for me, I run a boxing gym, and my passion is helping children in the community with knife crime and gun crime.

"I'm in a rough area, so anything that involves that is always going to be my real passion, saving the young people and giving them a safe place to live in.

"Gogglebox has helped because they can see someone like them who is from the hood who can make it too, that's the most important thing about this."

Daily Star has contacted Channel 4 for comment.

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