Happy!: First Season 2 Footage Reveals New Holiday Backdrop, Exploding Nuns

Happy! will be sprinkling literal Easter eggs throughout Season 2. As revealed at the series’ New York Comic Con panel on Saturday (moderated by yours truly), the darkly unhinged Syfy comedy’s forthcoming sophomore run will take place during Easter. (You’ll recall Season 1 used — or abused? — Christmas as its backdrop.)

“I know a lot of people think that we went way too far in our first season, wait until you see this one,” warns Patton Oswalt, the voice behind the show’s titular winged unicorn, in the above Season 2 teaser. Adds leading man Christopher Meloni (who will direct one of Season 2’s eight episodes): “[It’s] bigger, badder, blow-ier than you could ever imagine.”

The promo also offers a first look at Season 2’s very special guest stars, wrestler Big Show and “the irreplaceable” Ann-Margret, as well as glimpses of the “geriatric brawls,” “exploding nuns,” “psycho Easter bunnies” and “skinless guys” to come. Oh, and we’re also treated to the sight of Patrick Fischler’s Smoothie slapping the ass of (what looks like) the Devil incarnate.

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