Harry Redknapp's wife Sandra claims HE 'suffered more' after running her over in freak accident

The 71-year-old required surgery after her ankle was badly hurt when Harry, 71, dragged her down the road in the couple's Range Rover in 2016.

But despite the painful injury, Sandra told The Mail On Sunday's You Magazine she didn't hesitate when it came to forgiving him.

She explained: "I never even had a go at him because I think he suffered more than me.

"I could see his face and he felt so bad about what happened. For me to see him like that – it upset me."

Her reaction to the accident appears to reflect her attitude to their relationship in general.

She added: "I always say never go to bed on an argument but we don’t really argue."

Sandra was hurt after being unaware her coat tail was trapped in the door of Harry's Range Rover when he drove away, dragging her down the road.

Revealing what she said to him in hospital after accident, Harry previously told The Sun: “It was the worst experience of my life but she honestly never even blamed me — and it was completely my fault.

“I wasn’t concentrating, I thought she’d crossed the road and then I pulled into the road and she was backed up against my car.

“She never said to me, ‘You should have watched what you were doing’ or made me feel bad. Even when she was laying with a broken ankle in the road she was just unbelievable, she didn’t scream.

“The worst part of it was Molly my granddaughter was on a bus and she sees her nan lying in the road.

“She happened to be on the bus going to work about 20 yards away.

"In hospital I kept apologising. But she just said, ‘You thought I’d crossed the road, there’s no blame’.

“She didn’t say, ‘You stupid idiot’, even though I felt like a stupid idiot.”

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