Heartbreaking moment Kate Garraway's son Billy says he ‘hopes his dad will get better and play Lego with him’

KATE Garraway and Derek Draper’s son Billy is desperate to for his father to get better so he can “play Lego with him”.

In heart-breaking scenes that aired tonight during Finding Derek, the 11-year-old opened up about missing his dad, who has been in intensive care for a year after battling coronavirus which has ravaged his body, causing his liver, kidneys and heart to fail.

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Billy said: “Dad usually does Lego with me the most but since dad is not here, I have started to do it by myself.”

When asked if he was like a big kid, the youngster replied: “Yeah, he kind of is.”

He added: “I really want him back but we don’t know if he is going to get better or not.”

His sister Darcey, 14, admitted she is scared they were going to lose him and that they had initially hoped he would be home in time for Christmas.

Asked if it was scary seeing her dad hooked up in hospital, she explained:  “It’s not really scary in the way that he looks scary

"It’s just scary in the way of thinking we might lose him.”

 Good Morning Britain host Kate, 53, has documented her husband's battle with the virus, which has continued since March last year.

In the doc, they talk about their North London home being made wheelchair-friendly for him, with a downstairs bedroom.

Kate said: "If I have to give up work to care for him it’s best to do it now. If he needs 24-hour care, I’ll be the primary carer.

“I’ve a fear of the reality. We’ll have to fall in love again a bit.”

Derek, 53, is still in hospital after catching the virus a year ago, which caused liver, kidney and heart failure.

The couple married in 2005 after meeting just a year before, after being introduced by GMTV's then-political editor, Gloria De Piero

Appearing on GMB this morning, Kate fought back tears as she recalled a time last November when she stayed up all night on the phone to Derek.

It was just hours before she presented GMB live to the nation and her barely conscious husband had said he was struggling to cope.

The continual suffering amid his nightmare scenario left him thinking of death.

Kate told the Mirror: "Derek had been drifting in and out of consciousness and when he said that, it was absolutely devastating, but it showed me he was still in there. Even though it was terrible to think his spirits were so low”.

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