Here Are the Shows to Watch Next If You Loved 'Emily in Paris'

If you already binged your way through the first season of Emily in Paris and need something to fill that candy-colored, perfectly-quirky void in your viewing diet, say, “oui.” Did you hear that? It was the sound of a booming chorus of “ouis” from around the world because, if you’re not-so-patiently awaiting the day when there will be more of Emily in Paris to watch, you are most definitely not alone.

There’s no news yet about when (or even if, TBH) we can expect Emily in Paris season 2, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t shows out there that can help bridge the gap and fill the Lily-Collins-standing-in-front-of-the-Eiffel-Tower-shaped hole in your heart. The truth is that the things we all loved most about Emily in Paris—things like its eccentric (borderline bonkers) characters, wonderfully wackadoo sense of humor, and gorgeous fashion pornare all thing that can be found in other shows that are out there, just waiting to be added to your personal binge list. We’ve done the hard work for you and researched a list of Emily in Paris-esque series you’re guaranteed to love.

Sex and the City

If you loved Emily in Paris, then you have to see (or rewatch) series creator Darren Star’s crown jewel: Sex and the City. It has all of the humor and fashion of Emily in Paris, but in a different city (NYC, obvi).


This Netflix series, based on a series of novels by Elísabet Benavent, has been described as a Spanish Sex and the City. And it’s easy to see why—the show focuses on a writer, her three closest friends, and her hilariously complicated love life.


Star also created Younger, which takes his quirky sense of humor and dials it up to eleven. The premise: A woman in her 40s, who looks much younger than that (played by actual ageless human Sutton Foster), poses as a millennial to break back into the job market after taking several years off to be a mom. Wacky situations and much comedy ensues.

Beverly Hills, 90210

Want something even younger than Younger? Try Darren Star’s first offering to the TV gods: Beverly Hills, 90210 (the original, oh-so-’90s version—not the reboot).

Melrose Place

While we’re digging through Darren Star’s back catalogue, it’s worth adding another classic from the list to your queue. Melrose Place took Star’s signature ~drama~ and set it in a sexy LA apartment complex full of sexy, beautiful people.

The Bold Type

Imagine moving Emily from the marketing world to the magazine world and you basically have The Bold Type.


If you want something that takes the whimsical side of Emily in Paris and leans in hard in that direction, try Hulu’s Dollface, which stars the always-hilarious Kat Dennings as a woman who has to contend with her own imagination as she works to rebuild her female friendships after her longtime relationship abruptly ends.

Love Life

Anna Kendrick stars in the first season of this anthology series from HBO Max, which will follow a different character each year documenting their love life from their first romance until their last.

Desperate Housewives

When it comes to quirky, irreverent dramas with a whimsical flair, it doesn’t get much more classic or binge-worthy than Desperate Housewives.


Based on Lindy West’s memoir of the same name, this Hulu series follows Annie (played by the brilliant Aidy Bryant), a plus-sized woman who wants to change her life, but not her body—no matter how much society seems to insist she should.


Does it get better than Issa Rae? Nope. It does not. Insecure nails awkward, sometimes-uncomfortable humor better than just about any other show ever created.

Ally McBeal

Back in the day, Ally McBeal was pushing the weird and whimsical lady-led drama envelope before anyone else.

Never Have I Ever

Mindy Kaling’s foray into teen comedy is a resounding success. This series, about a young Indian girl navigating life’s big coming-of-age moments, is one of the best things on Netflix right now.

The Mindy Project

Speaking of Mindy Kaling and her epic genius, The Mindy Project is another fashion porn-y, rom-com-tinted TV series that fans of Emily in Paris will love (and it more than holds up on a rewatch, if you’ve binged it before).


If the intense friendships were what drew you to Emily in Paris, it’s time to binge Girlfriends (again, because obviously, you’ve already seen it at least once).

Ugly Betty

Was it Emily in Paris‘ humor that grabbed you? Because Ugly Betty is quirky laughs for days.

Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin is such an amazingly well-written show that the unseen narrator might just be your favorite character.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

The series that answers the question, “What if all of your deepest (and most of your darkest) inner thoughts played out as Broadway-worthy musical numbers?”

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