Holby City fans rage they ‘cant watch anymore until Cameron is gone’ after THIRD murder plot leaves them ‘depressed’

HOLBY City fans have raged they "can't watch anymore until Cameron is gone" after his THIRD murder plot has left them felling "depressed".

Fans of the BBC One show have watched the evil doctor ruin the lives of two people in his care over the last few months and they've finally had enough.

The CT1 doctor training in general surgery, who is played by Nic Jackman, had a narrow escape when he let fellow colleague Xavier ‘Zav’ Duval (Marcus Griffiths) die whilst looking after him.

His co-worked had involved in a crash where he his head on the pavement, and died in hospital – which meant that he couldn't expose Cameron's dark secret.

Zav knew that he had previously let rapist Evan Crowhurst die in his care and wanted to tell everyone before it was too late.

Last night's episode was the tip of the ice berg – as he managed to kill his third victim whilst in surgery with Chloe.

His murders have become too much for many viewers and one wrote on Twitter: "#HolbyCity I think I'm going to have to give the show a miss until Cameron has gone. Can't stand the character any more."

Another said: ""@HolbyCity please please please get rid of Cameron, it's dragged on far too long!"

A third tweeted: "How much longer have we got to put up with that slimeball Cameron? #HolbyCity"

A fourth chimed in: #CheerUpLuvs I wish Holby & the soaps would quit the depressing storylines. 2020 needs cheering up now. I’ve stopped watching Emm & Corrie cos they left me feeling even more miserable, & Cam’s storyline left me vowing 2do same with Holby tonight #HolbyCity pls make 2021 happier."

A fifth said: "I can’t take it anymore. Cam needs to go down! #holbycity"

Another wrote: "my god i cannot wait for cameron to get what's coming to him bloody hell #holbycity"

A seventh added: "When are you getting rid of Cameron? I have seen no positive comments about the storyline. You have been dragging it out since last year. Please end it soon. #HolbyCity."

Meanwhile an eighth viewer simply said: "#HolbyCity unrealistic , unbelievable, time to ditch this utter tripe."

But it looks like they won't be seeing the back Cameron just yet.

In a recent chat with Express.co.uk, actor Nic opened up about what is going to happen to his on screen alter-ego, and hinted that it will be a while before he gets caught.

He said: “The storylines coming up are massive and I think are gonna be really, really quite exciting. 

“I mean if you think that you've seen Cameron at his worst, you really haven't, because he's capable of a lot more and it becomes very, very dark.”

He added: “We haven't seen Cameron at his worst yet – it gets bad!”

Despite fans figuring out Cameron's true colours, his love interest Nicky McKendrick (Belinda Owusu), has no clue what he's been up to.

The soap star admitted that he feels sorry for the doctor as he's been able to hide what he's been doing behind her back because she's so gullible.

He added: "I mean, poor Nicky! She's so easily manipulated by Cameron – in the COVID special episode actually Cameron is one of the doctors who is struggling with the pandemic. 

“But because he’s captured in a photograph and then there's a headline in the local paper attached to Cameron's image, that he's the hero of the NHS, he’s hailed the hero.

“He gets attention from Nicky, obviously that just boosts his ego, so he knows she's on [his] side, he knows that she's there and he can play her further.

"I just feel so sorry for Nicky actually! She certainly can't see the person he is.”

Watch Holby City on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC One. 


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