Holby City spoilers: Max rocked by devastating news and Lucky commits ultimate betrayal against Andrei

HOLBY City viewers will see Max rocked by devastating news and Lucky commit ultimate betrayal against Andrei next week.

BBC One fans will watch Max (Jo Martin), who is a consultant neurosurgeon at the hospital, struggles as she becomes the patient.

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Max prepares for her mastectomy but tensions are rife between her and son Louis – who deliberately took a shift to keep an eye on her.

Despite initially being in denial about the results of her BRCA1 test, Max appears determined to get through the surgery.

However, another bombshell is dropped on the doctor, when she receives the devastating news that her bloods have revealed she's anaemic.

This means she can't have the breast reconstruction as planned, the news leaves her clearly shaken and she refuses to have the operation.

Max later comes to her senses and agrees to it after she is reminded of the tragic death of nurse Essie, after a battle with ovarian cancer.

Max and Louis make amends as she recovers from her surgery and she apologise to Louis for not being around when he transitioned.

The emotional scenes sees Louis vow to support his mum during this difficult time, while Max promises to make up for lost time.

Meanwhile, Lucky is forced to betray Kian after she is backed into a corner by Fletch, who urges her to follow basic safeguarding procedures.

Lucky’s attraction to Kian have grown over the past few weeks, despite her insisting their relationship should be strictly professional.

Lucky laid her cards on the table with Kian and asked him out, but Kian was still deceiving her about notifying social services over Andrei.

This week, viewers will watch as Lucky is forced to do the unthinkable and report Andrei to social services.

Elsewhere, Kian is delighted when Andrei is out of the woods following his earlier collapse.

However, Lucky is left guilt-ridden, knowing his world is about to fall apart.

Meanwhile, Josh and Ange will be caught out by Dom and Chloe, when they're unknowingly seen sneaking out of the on-call-room.

Josh approaches Ange about the status of their relationship and explains that someone else has made it clear that they are interested.

A jealous Ange tells Josh that she is fine with them seeing other people but later makes it clear that she doesn't want him to date anyone else and the pair agree to be exclusive.

But will the pair be able to maintain their secret relationship or will Dom and Chloe expose them?

Viewers will also see Evie make a shocking discovery after she finds seriously injured Andrei in the basement.

Kian convinces Andrei to return to hospital to have the surgery he needs next week.

But the extent of Kian's unethical behaviour quickly becomes clear and Evie is dragged into danger.

Last week viewers saw Dominic Copeland take his cruel vendetta to the next level – and got Sacha Levy fired. 

Dom, played by David Ames, was out for revenge after the car crash in February left him with a stoma bag. 

Seeing his opportunity to further lash out, Dom cornered Henrik Hanssen and lied to him, claiming Sacha had attempted to illegally operate on him to remove the stoma without his consent. 

Now that Sacha is out of the way, Dom revels in his newfound position as acting clinical lead.

But he later slips up during a conversation with Louis about the importance of friends and friends.

Dom decides to reach out and contact Hanssen – but what will he say?

Holby City continues on Tuesday on BBC One and is available to stream on iPlayer.

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