Holly Willoughby left baffled by intimate sheet mask to 'iron out wrinkles' on women's privates

HOLLY Willoughby was left baffled by intimate masks intended to "iron out wrinkles" on women's privates during today's episode of This Morning.

Earlier, the 39-year-old star took to her Instagram page to tease a segment on vaginas in today's show – and it did not disappoint.

Holly and her co-host Phillip Schofield were joined by Dr. Phillipa as they discussed the dos and don'ts of female genital care.

Holly could not hide her horror as an equally-stunned Phil got the slippery beauty fad out of its packaging, questioning how it would be applied.

Phil explained that the controversial product, from an Australian beauty brand, had released the vulva mask to "hydrate, soothe, and protect the skin while smoothing out wrinkles on the vulva".

While her co-host battled with the mask, puzzled Holly said: "I am just trying to work out how it goes… Is it like a pair of knickers you just get into?

"I can't work it out."

Dr. Phillipa explained that it was to be used as an external sheet mask that is like "half a pair of knickers".

Once she understood how it worked, Holly was still unimpressed – slamming the item as an unnecessary gimmick.

She seethed: "The problem I have with this is… It irons out wrinkles??"

Dr. Phillipa went on to share the dangers of using all of the vaginal beauty products, warning that women don't need to be add anything down below.

Holly had shared a sneak peek at the item on Instagram this morning, posting a photo of her script for today's show, which read: "What to keep out of your vagina, and off your vulva. So, let's find out."

The star captioned the post: "How your morning shaping up? Here’s mine!"

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