‘House of Cards’: Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood Takes on D.C. in New Trailer

Claire Underwood pledges to eliminate the Washington D.C. elite in the latest trailer for House of Cards‘ sixth season, which finds Robin Wright’s former First Lady ascending to the presidency. With undertones of the current fractured political climate, the new preview finds Robin Wright’s Commander-in-Chief facing off against the old guard of politics (represented by Greg Kinnear), oligarchs, a savage press – “Commander-in-Grief?” one news chyron reads – and her own guilt-ridden past.

“Each one of us has to defend our destiny,” Underwood says in a speech. “The first female President of the United States is not going to keep her mouth shut.”

Earlier in the trailer, Underwood tells her late husband’s fixer Doug Stamper, “I’m not going to be told what to do anymore, Doug. Not by you or any man.” The preview also forecasts the upcoming season’s violent palace intrigue and bloody power struggles.

House of Cards returns to Netflix for its sixth and final season on November 2nd. Kevin Spacey, who portrayed Frances Underwood over the course of the series’ first five seasons, was removed from the show after being accused of sexual misconduct. As revealed by a previous Season 6 teaser, Spacey’s character has died, with Wright’s former First Lady visiting his grave.

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